Friday, September 14, 2012

Mindy's 8th Birthday!

 Notice her outfit, plaid and stripes, on a kid it actually looks pretty cute!

 They LOVE each other they really do!!

So Mindy is finally 8!!! She has grown so much through the years, she is still one of the smaller kids in her class.  She has grown into such a pretty little lady, she has come along way from that scared little girl to the big girl she is now, who wants to go and do everything on her own without anyone's help!For her cake she wanted a cupcake cake, so we incorporated her two favorites as of right now, which would be quads, and soccer!  She could have had a birthday party and invited her friends, but she chose to not have one and just do something extra special as a family.  So we went roller skating.  I don't think she wants to go back anytime soon to do that!  She needs a little more practice.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School!

Yes, yes, I know I am 3 weeks late posting these pics. I am totally keeping it real with these photos! I wish all of our photos were just perfect, but I also don't want people to only see our "perfect" pictures, I want everyone to know that we don't live in a magazine! It was a very hard morning for Rylee, so I took pictures of him in all his pouting, grouchy, mad, glory!  As you can see Mindy really didn't have a problem with heading back to school.  I wanted to get pics of Rylee's backpack also but he was only going to stand for so much.  So maybe another time!  Now that school is in full swing he isn't doing so bad, thank goodness!