Friday, July 20, 2012


There is a park near our house, there is a ton of ducks there. So I saved up some old bread for the kids to feed them. Wow they sure did flock to us! I also chased a half grown duckling down and caught it for the kids. I was tented to take it home, but we did let it go.

Silly kids

We were going to give this trike away while in AZ but it somehow found its way to TX. These two have a ton of fun on it almost daily!!

Ocean Fishing

We went on the Ferry boat in Galveston and went fishing a couple of weeks ago. We got to see lots of Dolphins, and even caught a few fish. We didn't take anything home with us, but had lots of fun that day.

Baseball Season

Rylee's team was the "Hooks".  The came in Second place in the season, then they one First place in the tournament.  It was a good season.  They all learned a lot and we had very wonderful coaches.  After they won the tournament their head coach got a ice chest full of ice water dumped on him.  The kids thought that was cool.

Pleasure Pier

(Picture Above) Rylee and Waylon are on this ride it goes upside down.You can't see them just thought I would show the pic anyway!

We had a fun time going to the sneak peak of Pleasure Pier!  It was great not having to wait in any lines.  The kids could just jump on, do the ride then get off and get right back on the ride.  On the way home we got to see the solar eclipse.  The whole sky was reddish pink.  Waylon took a few pictures of it. We had to drive towards it all the way home.


 These photos are of our backyard, the ditch behind our house was creeping into our yard. None of the water goto very close to our house, it would've had to have rained alot for it to get up to our house.

 This above photo is our neighbors yard, it did get a little closer than that to their doorstep in the back!  They had some over grown stuff at their drainage ditch so the water was backing up, it didn't help that the creek it runs into was full.  We were all out there that morning trying to make sure it started draining properly.  The below photo is of their yard also.

For us Native Arizonans this was a lot of rain, it all happened in one night too.  We went to bed Friday night and there was no rain or water and we woke to all that, CRAZY!  This was back in May.