Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kemah rides...

We decided to go to dinner at Kemah boardwalk, as we were getting out of the truck an older woman walked up to us and said she was given some ride tickets and wouldn't be using them all. She ended up giving us four tickets! So Mindy and I went on one ride and Waylon and Rylee went on another! While Mindy and I were on our ride the guy we were sitting by gave us two more tickets. So Rylee and Mindy got to go on another ride that day which was the kid version of the adult ride tower of terror. They had a blast!


Here are some berries that we found on our property!

Science project

Rylee's Recyclable Rocket! He got 100%!


Our first time eating crawfish! It was really yummy, can't wait to do it again! Mindy did not try it. Luckily we went with some people that knew a good place to eat it!

Easter 2012

For Easter we went to the beach in Galveston. We took a little picnic lunch, the kids had a blast!

Last weekend...

So I haven't been that good about posting lately, but I do have good intentions!  So here goes.  This last weekend we went to Alvin's Frontier days.  There was a little craft fair, an old car show and a carnival.  We looked around then we went bowling.  This was the first time taking the kids bowling, we didn't want to take them when they were too young and couldn't have fun.  We all had a lot of fun.  We will definitely be going again!  (All of the photos were taken with my phone using the instagram app! Its so fun to use and change the pictures look.)