Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some pictures...

 This is the front of our house, lots of yard work needs done and some trash cleaned up but you get the picture!
 Another front view.
 This tree is in front of the house, it is really big!
 The only way to get one good picture is to get one goofy one!
 This is a view of the side yard! Lots of mowing to do!
 This is another big tree, the other tree pictured is also an Oak tree just like this one.
 This is my Hibiscus against the back wall, it is pretty.  You can't really see the blooms very well in this picture, I'll have to take more when it's blooming more.
 There is stuff growing all over, these clover thingys are growing everywhere with their little purple blooms.  I couldn't get these to grow for anything in AZ.
 Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?  I need to know if I should keep it, or cut it out.
This is a close up of that same plant that I am not sure of.  If anyone knows what it is call me!

These pictures took forever to upload, so I won't be doing too many at a time for a while, until we get internet at the house.  I have more to update but for now this is what ya get!  Hope everyone enjoys, and if you have any ideas of what that bush/plant is please please tell me!

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