Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some pictures...

 This is the front of our house, lots of yard work needs done and some trash cleaned up but you get the picture!
 Another front view.
 This tree is in front of the house, it is really big!
 The only way to get one good picture is to get one goofy one!
 This is a view of the side yard! Lots of mowing to do!
 This is another big tree, the other tree pictured is also an Oak tree just like this one.
 This is my Hibiscus against the back wall, it is pretty.  You can't really see the blooms very well in this picture, I'll have to take more when it's blooming more.
 There is stuff growing all over, these clover thingys are growing everywhere with their little purple blooms.  I couldn't get these to grow for anything in AZ.
 Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?  I need to know if I should keep it, or cut it out.
This is a close up of that same plant that I am not sure of.  If anyone knows what it is call me!

These pictures took forever to upload, so I won't be doing too many at a time for a while, until we get internet at the house.  I have more to update but for now this is what ya get!  Hope everyone enjoys, and if you have any ideas of what that bush/plant is please please tell me!

Life in Texas!

So we made it to our new house.  Even though it still isn't ours.  We have been here for two and a half weeks.  Two weeks too long while basically camping out in a house that isn't ours yet.  Luckily the seller of the house is letting us squat there until it is ours.   I am going to post some random pictures later. I am going to try to explain as much as I can about them.
I got the kids signed up for school last Friday, They started school this week.  Mindy is doing really well, or at least she looks like she is.  Rylee on the other hand is bucking up to us every chance he can.  The kids have to go to different schools, Rylee's school is Longfellow Elementary, It is 3rd grade through 5th grade.  The school mascot is the Leopard.  Mindy's school is Mark Twain Elementary.  Her school is pre-K through 2nd grade.  Her school mascot is Tigers!  She thinks that is so cool since Saint David's is the tigers too!  Next year the schools are reorganizing the districts so both kids will be getting to go to Mark Twain's new school, that is closer to our house.  It is also a two story school.  So they are hoping that their classes are going to be on the second floor!  All through this move I have been trying to be strong and not cry too much in front of the kids, but while signing them up for school I was so emotional that when I met Mindy's teacher I was crying.  After we got out of the school Rylee asked "Mom, why are you such a cry baby?"  He was so puzzled as to why I would be crying.  I think sending them to this school was harder than sending them to Kindergarten.  
Rylee is in baseball so we are meeting people that way, he is having fun too! Even though he doesn't want to admit it.  His coaches are great, some people are very competitive, but I guess that is everywhere.
Mindy can't wait till soccer season, so she can sign up again.  Rylee's coaches think she should be playing baseball!  She still doesn't want to.
We have two different sets of neighbors, one set has two boys one 14 and one 7. The other set of neighbors are an older couple one who is blind and the other has limited sight.  Those are basically the only neighbors, because we live in the middle of an oil field.  It sounds so weird to me to say that but it is normal here.  Well, normal for people who don't live in a subdivision. We have yet to meet anyone who actually lives in the country.
The town we live in is Alvin.  We actually don't live in the city limits.  I would say that the town is bigger than Benson, but smaller than Sierra Vista.  We think it is a pretty big city, but everyone here tells us that it is a tiny town.  These people have not seen Saint David!  We do miss our small town life though.  
Sorry for such a long wordy post, now on to the pictures!