Friday, November 2, 2012

Wings over Houston Airshow

Here are a few photos from last Sunday. We had a great time, we got passes from Waylon's work, we got food and a good place to sit. We weren't able to get there real early but we got to see a lot. As we were getting there we saw a parachuter with smoke coming out behind him. We also got to see the Blue Angels! We thought it was really neat! So glad we got to go. I have more pictures to share later. Hope you like these.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Waylon and I had a MotoCross Racer, and Captain America this year!  The kids also dressed up as book characters at school.  Rylee was Raymond from the Raymond and Graham book series, and Mindy went as Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid!  I had to play along and go as the mom.  Also in this last photo my kids look like they are moving as fast as the guys in the Matrix!!  Mindy was also all into posing for her pictures as Captain America, I think she isn't minding having her picture taken so much!  Here's to hoping anyway!!!
One last thing try saying Diary of a Wimpy Kid really fast several times, it just sounds like Diarrhea Wimpy kid!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mindy's 8th Birthday!

 Notice her outfit, plaid and stripes, on a kid it actually looks pretty cute!

 They LOVE each other they really do!!

So Mindy is finally 8!!! She has grown so much through the years, she is still one of the smaller kids in her class.  She has grown into such a pretty little lady, she has come along way from that scared little girl to the big girl she is now, who wants to go and do everything on her own without anyone's help!For her cake she wanted a cupcake cake, so we incorporated her two favorites as of right now, which would be quads, and soccer!  She could have had a birthday party and invited her friends, but she chose to not have one and just do something extra special as a family.  So we went roller skating.  I don't think she wants to go back anytime soon to do that!  She needs a little more practice.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School!

Yes, yes, I know I am 3 weeks late posting these pics. I am totally keeping it real with these photos! I wish all of our photos were just perfect, but I also don't want people to only see our "perfect" pictures, I want everyone to know that we don't live in a magazine! It was a very hard morning for Rylee, so I took pictures of him in all his pouting, grouchy, mad, glory!  As you can see Mindy really didn't have a problem with heading back to school.  I wanted to get pics of Rylee's backpack also but he was only going to stand for so much.  So maybe another time!  Now that school is in full swing he isn't doing so bad, thank goodness!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Carved century old oak tree stumps

When hurricane Ike came through a lot of the old oak trees were killed by the salt water. So the residents of Galveston decided to carve these old stumps, these are just a few of the really beat ones we saw.

I Needed a spray paint fix!

So I finally got this chair done recently. We brought uh here from AZ, and I kept seeing cans of spray paint by the garage door, so I finished sanding and got her done. I really love the color! Now I may need to paint the other kitchen chairs the same color!

Friday, July 20, 2012


There is a park near our house, there is a ton of ducks there. So I saved up some old bread for the kids to feed them. Wow they sure did flock to us! I also chased a half grown duckling down and caught it for the kids. I was tented to take it home, but we did let it go.

Silly kids

We were going to give this trike away while in AZ but it somehow found its way to TX. These two have a ton of fun on it almost daily!!

Ocean Fishing

We went on the Ferry boat in Galveston and went fishing a couple of weeks ago. We got to see lots of Dolphins, and even caught a few fish. We didn't take anything home with us, but had lots of fun that day.

Baseball Season

Rylee's team was the "Hooks".  The came in Second place in the season, then they one First place in the tournament.  It was a good season.  They all learned a lot and we had very wonderful coaches.  After they won the tournament their head coach got a ice chest full of ice water dumped on him.  The kids thought that was cool.

Pleasure Pier

(Picture Above) Rylee and Waylon are on this ride it goes upside down.You can't see them just thought I would show the pic anyway!

We had a fun time going to the sneak peak of Pleasure Pier!  It was great not having to wait in any lines.  The kids could just jump on, do the ride then get off and get right back on the ride.  On the way home we got to see the solar eclipse.  The whole sky was reddish pink.  Waylon took a few pictures of it. We had to drive towards it all the way home.