Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July!

For the 4th of July this year we went to the parade in Benson.  There was a few good floats and some really weird ones, and then the normal ton of jeeps that go through, oh and don't forget the fire trucks!  Anyways we watched the parade and then stayed home the rest of the day and grilled outside.  No fireworks for us since it was so dry.  We had a nice relaxing day!

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  1. It looks like the parade was really nice this year. Honestly, I always enjoyed the 4th of July parade in Benson. We always liked getting sprayed by the fireman afterward at the park! :) Fireworks we almost always watched in SV because Chris helped with them, but one year we went to the rodeo in Benson and stayed for fireworks and that was really fun