Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Animals

 The two pictures above are of our neighbors horse and a new calf that our neighbor is having to bottle feed 'cause the mama was killed.  After he fed the calf one day I got this pic of it running over to the fence to stand by the horse.  I thought it was too cute.
 This is red man, our newest addition, soon he will be in our freezer!!  Yummy!!  Can't ya just see the steaks and roasts right there?
 This is Red Mans mama, and her newest baby.  In the above picture she was trying to get her calf to stand up and he wasn't moving quick enough for her so she nudged him with her hoof first, then her nose.  I happened to be trying to get a pic of him standing for the first time, and right when she nudged him with her nose he started to stand and then went flying through the air.  He is only about 5 or 6 minutes old in these pics.
I love seeing baby animals!

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