Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Boy's 8th Birthday!!!

Our first born is already 8 years old!  That is crazy.  On Wednesday night we made brownies with sprinkles on top to take to school on Thursday morning.  Then Thursday night Rylee got to choose what was for dinner.  He chose homemade pizza.  Rylee and Mindy helped to make the pizza that evening it was delicious.  Then we had homemade ice cream sandwiches ( pictured below) they were scrumptious, our new favorite thing.  Thanks to Alice for giving me the recipe! They literally only took about 5 or 6 minutes to make.
 Then we had a party on Saturday for Rylee with all of his friends.  So Friday afternoon I was making a cake and cupcakes, and I asked if the kids wanted to help me.  Of course they did.  So after I was done mixing the cupcakes I put the mixer by the sink so if the beaters dripped they would drip in the sink.  Rylee trying to be helpful was trying to pull them out so he could wash them.  I said no they don't pull out.  Just leave it and I will help you in a minute.  Well I turned my back for one second and he decided to turn the hand mixer on! Ugh. What a mess.  See for yourself...

 That picture does not do the mess justice.  It was all over.  It was on the wall, the counter, the floor, Rylee, and anything else in its chocolaty path.

Rylee still loves football so we had a football party.  I love how our cake turned out.
Here is our cupcakes, I used that same recipe for the frosting and everyone loved it!!  I don't recommend using the cheap liquid food coloring, it makes it look weird, so I would only use the Wilton stuff out of the little containers.   All in all Rylee's Birthday was a huge success.  I also made the banner in the picture behind Rylee.  Now we have it for all birthday's.  ~Andi

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