Friday, December 10, 2010

New entertainment center

So here is my new entertainment center, almost done.  The only thing left is the knobs.  I loved my last one but we needed more wall space for our deer.  So I built this one, Waylon did help me here and there, mostly on things where I neede a bunch more hands than my own 2.  And then there were those horrid little false faces we cut out and then I was irritated at how they looked so Waylon went out and cut a bunch more and really did a good job on making them perfect!!  Thanks sugar!! I got the plans from Ana Whites site.  We spent about $145 on this so far.  We saved about $754, by building it ourselves.  I think that savings is pretty impressive.  It will look much better when I get the knobs that I want.  It will have 16 knobs, one on each false face.  Will post more pictures when completed.  ~Andi

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