Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas things...

So I am finally posting some pictures of things I have made for christmas.  This picture above is an advent calendar made out of little match boxes.  I took scrapbooking paper and put it around each one then glued them all together.  I obviosly took out the matches before giving them to my kids.  Each day I put something new in the day that it is.  Some days I just put a small candy in a box or if I have a trinket to give then a note telling tham where to look for the new trinket.  Or this year we are doing some things like watch a christmas movie or play a game together or different things like that.  By the way I made this advent last year, my mom found the idea in a magazine.  Not sure which one sorry for not giving credit where it is deserved.  
  So this cute little Christmas tree was all over the wweb this year.  This is my 2x4 tree.  I got it from here.  Since then have seen it in many different places.  Everyone has such good ideas out there, I am so glad everyon is willing to share so we can all have cutely decorated houses. 
My friend Nicole, her sister and I have been having scrapbook days once a week for 4 or 5 years.  We skip some weeks, and when my friend was working we weren't able to keep up with our ritual, but we are mostly back to it, and we have just decided to call it craft day.  So a few weeks ago we decided that we really needed to make these cute porch hangers.  I have seen them in two different places.  So we took a couple of ideas and put them together.  Now we have something to make for each holiday or season, a sign to go on it.  So there is my Christmas sign, I can't wait to make the next one.  Should I just skip the New Year sign and head straight for Valentine's day?  go here or here to see other porch hangers.

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