Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here are our carved pumpkins

So this big frankenstein guy is Rylee's carved pumpkin.  He did alot of the work.  Waylon helped him a little with the intricut details.  He did need a little help punching some of the holes in the pumpkin to get the right design but he did a good job. 

This here little pumpkin with the heart nose, Mindy did all by herself except the nose.  She was really into carving pumpkins this year.  She couldv'e sat and carved pumpkins all day long. 

This skeleton pumpkin is also Mindy's, she needed a little more help with this one because she picked one with so many details.  So helped her cut in a few spots.

This little guy is my pumpkin.  He is called All Stitched Up.  I used a drill for the eyes, It got juice all over, but it was fun. 

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