Monday, November 15, 2010

End of Season Football Party

The great coaches Rylee's football team had this year put on a football game Mom's vs. Kids.  The rules were mom's could only have five defensive players on the field and 8 offesive players on the field.  Mom's had to pull both of the kids flags, and no mom could run the ball 2 times in a row.  The kids ended up winning and a few kids got hurt that day.  I think all the mom's got hurt too, but we didn't know it until the next day.  I did end up falling down scraping my elbow up while I was reaching for a flag on a little guy.  We started cheating in the second half of the game beacuse we were losing so bad.   We did finally score once, I think.  ( That score was due to cheatig.  Oh and we were coached by a few different high school boys.  They had fun coaching us and trying o explain exactly what a sweep was.  One mom started pretending she was sweeping, she said I am a mom I know how to sweep but I don't know what a sweep is.  It was a fun time.  I am sure it was comical to watch.  ~Andi

P.S. I was sore in places I did not know I could get sore in!

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