Monday, November 15, 2010

Deer Hunting

My hunt was this past weekend.  It started on Friday November 12th.  We didn't get to go on Friday because Waylon needed to work.  So we went out on Saturday after Rylee's end of the season Football party.  So we didn't leave to go out until like 12:30.  We got out there and Jeremy spotted these deer within a couple of minutes of sitting down glassing. We also took our kids with us because they really had been wanting to go hunting and we were only going out for a half day, and figured we wouldn't see anything anyway.  So needless to say we probably won't be taking them again for a while.  They also thought it was a lot of fun, but they were very tired and grouchy by the time it was all over.  This was one heavy deer.  Waylon and Jeremy packed him out for me.  I couldn't have picked up half of the deer by myself, so I am thankful that they both are strong and could carry him out for me.  We didn't get home until like 1:30 in the morning.  He is a 3x4 with eyegaurds and a kicker.  Mindy didn't want to get in the picture with the deer, imagine that! We have already butchered our meat and got it in the freezer.  We now have a freezer full of meat. Yay!  ~Andi

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