Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My new enemy...

My new enemy is hot glue guns. We have been in this situation before but today was ugly! I was in Mindy's class helping with some little stuff for red ribbon week. Mrs. Homerski asked me to hlep hot glue a bunch of little foam things together. I had about 50 of them to do. I was almost done just lacking about 5 more, when I put hot glue on the magnet and the pushed my hand down right in the glue. Luckily no dirty words came out since I was in a first grade classroom. But I did jump out of the tiny chair I was sitting in and start jumping around trying to peel off the magnet I had just hot glued to my hand!!! So I finally got it off, and before I even left the school I had a giant blister on my hand. So needless to say the hot glue gun and I aren't on good terms at the time being.

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