Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pumpkins and Wreaths

go here to see how to do these cute pumpkins from Brown Paper Packages.  She is so talented!  I am going to do these sometime this week! Go here to see how to do the wreath pictured below from Dejavu Crafts.
I just love the way this wreath looks!  I can't wait to do this!  Thanks to Dejavu Crafts I saw another corn husk wreath that I also like, bot sure which one to do.  Go here to see another corn husk wreath, by Domestically Speaking
So here is one more pumpkin that I really NEED to have for a decoration, it's from Dejavu Crafts also, she and her friend made these from wood pallets, I love this idea!  Go here to see how she did it.

Thanks to all these crafty ladies for giving me such great ideas!!  As I get my projects done I will post them on here.  ~Love, Andi

go here to see their website.  Hopefully we all can get these earrings.  They are pretty, I found them via Love Stitched.  She has an awsome site.  So go check them out they have lots to giveaway, you just have to post about them on a blog or your facebook page.  It's easy peasy!!  Love ~Andi 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dejavu*Crafts: Candy Corn blocks!

go to dejavu crafts and check out her great ideas!Dejavu*Crafts: Candy Corn blocks!

Rylee doing a belly dance!

go here to see this video of Rylee doing a belly dance that he learned from his Uncle Zach. It's pretty funny, we will have to get him to do it to some music!! HE HE! love~Andi

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I decided to name the deer that I shot 2 years ago bambi. I know how original is that. I just couldn't think of a better name. So anyway since he was so big, we had to have him mounted. The day has finally come to put him up on our wall. Waylon brought him home last night after finishing him up. I am so happy with how well that he turned out. So we now have a total of 3 deer on our wall, a javelina, and a bass. Next month we will add another deer to the collection.

My new enemy...

My new enemy is hot glue guns. We have been in this situation before but today was ugly! I was in Mindy's class helping with some little stuff for red ribbon week. Mrs. Homerski asked me to hlep hot glue a bunch of little foam things together. I had about 50 of them to do. I was almost done just lacking about 5 more, when I put hot glue on the magnet and the pushed my hand down right in the glue. Luckily no dirty words came out since I was in a first grade classroom. But I did jump out of the tiny chair I was sitting in and start jumping around trying to peel off the magnet I had just hot glued to my hand!!! So I finally got it off, and before I even left the school I had a giant blister on my hand. So needless to say the hot glue gun and I aren't on good terms at the time being.