Monday, August 2, 2010

Kitchen Makeover


I have been needing to give my kithcen cabinets a makeover for sometime now. I knew that we could not afford new cabinets so I did the next best thing, I painted them. You see we have these really cheap cabinets in our house, they look like real wood from afar then you touch them and realize they are fiberboard, with wood looking paper. UGLY!! Some of the paper was also starting to wear off in some places so I had to make my cabinets last a while longer until we can afford to get new ones.

We ripped out our old hanging cabinets,(between the kitchen and living room. I put up beadboard on the ends and backs of all the cabinets, then Waylon and I put all new trim up. THe reason we had to put up all new trim is beacause when we would try to take off all the old trim it would just fall apart or break. I really love the new trim it makes it look very countryish.

I took one 1/2 day of taking my time on the priming of my cabinets, then my sister Jessi, came over and helped me paint all the cabinets. Then I did another coat of painting on a few more cabinets, and put them back up. I also spraypainted all my drawer pulls what was supposed to be black, but turned out more dark gray which I am extremly happy with, no more ugly white and gold knobs!

(Sorry such a bad photo) I also spray painted the hinges they were an ugly gold color that was also tarnishing. Yuck!
Here is some more after photos...

So what do you think? I am so happy with my kitchen makeover!!

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  1. Andi, kitchen came out great. A little paint, some reconstruction, a little love and what a difference, great job!!