Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A goodbye to a good friend

I am sad to say a very good friend of mine just moved across the country- and I mean across the country! We are here in Arizona, and she moved all the way to Virginia!!

This will be a good thing for her and her family an I am so happy for them. Hopefully we can go visit them one day before our kids are grown up! We are planning on staying in touch with each other. We are sad to see you guys all go but know that it's a great opportunity for you! Miss you guys already!!

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  1. You have been one of the best friends I have had while in AZ! I truly miss you. I will call soon, but am bad at calling times with the three hour difference. I thought of you today while out hitting the yard sales. You would have loved it. I do hope you get to come and visit me. I am also VERY IMPRESSED at how much you have updated your blog. You get a big Atta girl! :) Miss ya.