Friday, April 30, 2010

Another vehicle?

So now that I am on a role posting today, I figure I should show you all our other new addition to our vehicle family. It is a 1964 Scout. Waylon's Grandpa and Grandma gave it to us. It was originally his great grandpa's, after he passed away his Grandpa got it, and now he has decided to pass it on. This thing has seen alot of hunting trips in it's 46 years. It runs good, and there is no reall body damage. We have some paint leftover from painting an airplane so Way is going to paint it here soon to stop the rust damage. Way say's the engine is a little tired, but it is still in good shape. I am so excited to go for a picnic and little 4-wheeling in it. I have heard some stories about the palces it has been. I will keep you posted on the little changes as we go.(I know Alice, I will TRY to keep you all posted!! he-he)

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  1. Andi, you know I will hold you to it! hee hee. the flower pictures...please post more garden pictures prior to posting photos of the vegetables...the Scout looks like a lot of fun. I am sure you will give it the TLC that it needs! :)