Friday, April 30, 2010

My Garden

This year we mad emy garden bigger, so we could plant some watermelon and pumpkins.

I already have stuff coming up in the garden.

Wish me luck. I will try to update when it gets overgrown and you can't tell that there is even ground underneath.


This is a very ruffly Rose.

This is the best luck I have had with Iris yet...

These are my all time favorite flowers - Gerbera Daisies I have tons of colors this year.

Here's a few roses from my yard.

Another vehicle?

So now that I am on a role posting today, I figure I should show you all our other new addition to our vehicle family. It is a 1964 Scout. Waylon's Grandpa and Grandma gave it to us. It was originally his great grandpa's, after he passed away his Grandpa got it, and now he has decided to pass it on. This thing has seen alot of hunting trips in it's 46 years. It runs good, and there is no reall body damage. We have some paint leftover from painting an airplane so Way is going to paint it here soon to stop the rust damage. Way say's the engine is a little tired, but it is still in good shape. I am so excited to go for a picnic and little 4-wheeling in it. I have heard some stories about the palces it has been. I will keep you posted on the little changes as we go.(I know Alice, I will TRY to keep you all posted!! he-he)

So that giveaway that I won...

I told you that I won a giveaway but haven't gotten to show you what it is yet. I picked this cute headband. It even has a little zipper flower that is all the rage right know. I am so happy to have won.

Way too long in between posts!!!

I have been wanting to post about some crafty things that I have done, but I really want to post about my new truck too!!! A few months back our van had major problems so Waylon worked really hard every evening after working all day, he finally got it fixed and as soon as he did, he said we are getting rid of this sucker. He never really liked it ever since we bought it. We were thinking of going more economical with a car, but there is just no room to haul anything, so we ended up getting another truck. It is a 1997 Ford F-250 4 door short bed. It is MY truck NOT Waylon's, he can drive it sometimes when I let him. (he-he- hopefully he's not reading this!) Anyways the kids only want to ride in this truck it's the cool one. It is pretty much exactly the same as the other one just short bed and a different color. It came with all kinds of extras so it seems better. Now we just need to name it. I thought it could be small and mighty and Waylon's truck could be Big and mean. He doesn't think that is a good idea for names. Any ideas? Sorry about the pictures, they are not so great it was evening when I decided to post today.