Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My New West Elm Knockoff table...

So I have been looking at all these wonderful blogs getting inspiration to redo all kinds of things. Then One day I happened across the greatest blog EVER!! . Ana the woman behind the blog posts all knids of plans to make all kinds of things from tables to beds, to desks. The list is pretty long you should checkout her blog. Anyways I saw this farmhouse table she posted and you all know that I needed a new table what with all the acetone spills from someone making arrows on my table. But that was not the only person to make a flub on the table, I am guilty too. I was ironing on it with a towel under my fabric of course but it still took the finish off in that area too. Back to the story, I saw this table and just knew that I could make it. So I printed the plans and did everything myself!! Well with the exception of picking it up and turning it over after it was all put together. That sucker is one heavy duty table. Oh and Waylon did show me how to check for square. But other than those minor things I cut, sanded, and put it all together myself. The finish is minwax special walnut, with a deft semi-gloss finish. I picked deft because it said that it was baby safe when dry. You never know who is going to be chewing and/or licking the table. I ended up putting 6 coats of the semi-gloss finish on, because it said to have at least 5 if there might be alot of spills. We all know that there will be alot of spills! So I am ready to build the farmhouse bench to go with my table. Maybe I will get that done this weekend. See ya soon. Love Andi

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