Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have to share this chair with you all

My mom was having a yard sale and getting rid of these chairs because she has had them for years and hasn't done anything with them so I told her I would buy them from her, but she just gave them to me. So I was so excithed to have them 'cause around here we never have enough chairs. So for Christmas I blew the dust off of them and brought them in the house and we used them for extras. When Jessi (lil sis) saw them she said I wish I would've known she was getting rid of them I would have taken a couple. So I told her I would give her a couple of them. I got 6 of them from my mom so I was willing to give some of them up. There was 4 wood chairs and 2 metal chairs so my sis picked 2 wood ones. I refinished them for her birthday with a minwax stain, then a good clear coat to protect them if they are outside. She was very happy with them. I wasn't sure at this point what to do with the others because hers were so pretty stained that I didn't know if I wanted to stain my wood chairs or paint them. But I finally decided after all this time to paint them. And so glad that I did. I think it turned out great now I need to get busy and do the other one. When I finished distressing it Mindy (5 year old daughter) said "that is so ugly. I hope you don't make me sit on it 'cause I won't!" What a brat. When Rylee(my 7 year old son) saw it he said "Oh that looks rusty. It looks good." At least he liked it, Waylon (hubby) thought it looked good too. Tell me what ya think I still need to put a clear coat to protect it from the weather but had to post it to show you. Love, Andi

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